November 09, 2005

Health Round-Up

Once again, it's time for my periodic health round-up of health news you can use

Sleep apnea double risk of stroke and death according to Yale research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. A lot of people should be trying inexpensive, drug free sinus cones.

Statin drugs may be more important for older patients as study shows new role for HDL 'Good" Cholesterol

Seeking clues as to why dieters so often fail and binge-eat instead, scientists studied rats to learn that stress plus tempting treats triggers binge-eating. Ravenous rodents give dieting clues.

Exercise is as good as medication in easing depression say experts. Workouts Can Lighten Heavy Hearts.

If you know someone who needs a transplant, if you want to be a transplant donor now , sign-up at MatchingDonors, a nonprofit, run by volunteers and profiled in Businessweek, Meet Your Organ Donor Online.

Colas, not coffee, linked to hypertension in women. Good news for all coffee drinkers.

Yes, there is a new research paper out on Treating Diabetes with Cannabis . Another report of a cannabis-based drug that eases arthritis pain.

Younger retirees face high death rate. The death rate for workers who retired at 55 was 37% higher than those who kept working until 65. No doubt poor health counts for a lot of those but what about those who no longer felt they had a purpose in life?

Promising new treatment target for deadly brain tumors.

Checking a person's waist-hip ratio, not their body mass index (BMI) is the best obesity measure for assessing heart attack risk reports The Lancet. Larger waist size indicating the amount of abdominal fat was harmful while larger hip size was often protective. Waist-Hip Ratio a Better Heart Measure Than BMI

Keep the weight off in middle age and you'll thwart the development of Alzheimer's and dementia.

There's really something to Blindsight, - the brain might have an alternative way of processing visual information.

Something bothering you? Write it down, let go, feel way better.

Restless legs syndrome linked to other health woes, like insomnia and depression.

A vaccine for nicotine is one step closer. Study found NicVax helped 38% stay away from smoking for 30 days. They still need FDA approval.

We're closer to learning why fat tastes so good. According to French researchers, there is a protein-based fat sensor in the tongue. Fondness for Fatty Foods May Be Built-In

U.S. Details Plans to Combat Bird Flu, but still the best advice for everyone is to stay healthy, wash your hands whenever you go out in public and cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze. If you can, get a flu shot, but don't worry if you can't.

Gas-Blockers Slow Alzheimer's in Mice. iNOS inhibitors have already been tested in humans.

A 16 year old girl's science project, "Liar, LIar Your Stomach's on Fire" may lead to an improved polygraph. Path to the Truth May Lead to the Somach

Ovarian Cancer Screening Methods Inaccurate. The TVU test and screen for CA-125 are two methods that identify too many false positives that often lead to unnecessary surgeries.

Broccoli sprouts, cabbage and garlic appear to have a role in preventing cancers. Shopping Cart of Cancer Fighters.

Botox helps stroke patients. Injections improved muscle control and eased limb pain, study found.

Four-legged, early warning system. Uncanny Canines. seizure-alerting dogs help those with epilepsy.

Moderate exercise helps with knee osteoarthritis by strengthening knee cartilage.

Gene boosts breast cancer risk. Mutation raises odds in women with strong family history.

Cancer drug could fight scleroderma. Taxol may help with that terrible disease of the hardening of the skin.

Researchers may have discovered Dyslexia gene that accounts for about 17% of cases

An Apple a Day for Health? Mars Recommends Bars of Chocolate
It's the healthy new sweet from Mars, CocoaVia which you'll find in the health food store or next to the nutrition bars, not the candy aisle. Great news indeed.

If you have dry eye syndrome, try Fish Oil, or at least read this piece in USA Today

Fish is really, really good for you. Not only is it packed with healthful vitamins and minerals, it is also a major source of omega-3 fatty acids, which a veritable flood of recent studies shows lowers the chance of heart attack, makes babies smarter, wards off dementia and stroke in the elderly, and even seems to guard against dry-eye syndrome.

From the blogs
Secrets to a smooth doctor's visit.

Eliza Camahort has more to say about about the basic disconnect: We are not the customers of those who are serving us

Should we be able to buy lavish doctor attention? A lot of concierge or retainer doctors say yes and and some patients say the extra couple of thousand a year is worth it. The New York Times discusses.

It may be that aspirin can prevent skin cancer according to one report from Australia

Closing with a beautiful post from the Doctor is In, how a surgeon views surgery That Terrible Power .

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