January 11, 2004

How to Get Your Parents to look after their health

Is this ever a difficult and delicate subject if your parents aren't very health conscious or don't like going to the doctors for checkups. Kelly Greene, who writes the Aging Well column for the WSJ,) subscription only)makes some suggestions in the December 9, 2003 article based on lessons learned
"To get a parent to the doctor watch your bedside manner"
1. Don't jump the gun. Establish easy conversation with your parent over time then bring up health issue.
2. Emphasize your worries. Telling your parent you're losing sleep with worry may motivate them. They feel they can help you.
3. Remember your role. You will always be a child to them, You can never be their parent. Ask their permission before offering help and don't do anything without their involvement or consent.
4. Find the right fit. They may have good reasons for not going to a particular doctor.
5. Handle with care. If you suspect dementia, an indirect approach may work best. Focus on physical symptoms

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Coffee good medicine to prevent colon cancer

Another from Parade today

Add coffee to the preventive measures for colon cancer
along with a high fiber diet, drinking tea and taking aspirin

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Aspirin to Prevent Alzheimers

Parade's Health Editor reports that there is mounting evidence that the risk of Alzheimer;s is reduced by taking a daily dose of aspirin or Ibuprofen.
Statins like Zocor used to treat high cholesterol also help

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