August 20, 2005

Happy, tofu, Wellesley

Some quotes from my tour around the blogosphere this morning.

From the BBC  via Ace of Spades

"Why do you want to live here and not in Europe?" I asked a young woman from Ethiopia, who tipped back her Seattle Mariners baseball cap and looked at me as if I were completely mad.

"Europe," she said disdainfully.

"What do they ever hope for in Europe? Here they have a law that you can dream to be happy."

Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

NG made the sorry attempt to lighten our disappointment by offering to take us to her favorite vegetarian (Howie's Ashram and Curry Emporium) place for dinner, where we might enjoy her favorite tofu platter, seasoned with mint and little itty bitty edible flowers, with an endless loop of Indian sitar music playing in the background.

"TOFU?" we gently inquired "ARE YOU INSANE?" and "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?"

In a role reversal, older activists and loving children who choose to fight

In Waterbury, Ray Odiorne, 56, an ordained minister who works as a psychotherapist, reflects on the days he used to take his two young daughters to peace vigils around New England. He told them stories of how he had marched against the Vietnam War while attending seminary school in Massachusetts, how once he had run all the way from Harvard Square to downtown Boston after a face-off with police firing tear gas.

Few people know it, but he is a military dad. His youngest daughter, Kathryn, 23, enlisted in the Army last year. When she broke the news to him in October, he felt punched in the gut.

"I was stunned. It was so out of the blue. I mean, good grief, she went to Wellesley,"

Via neo-neocon who says

"It's not an unusual phenomenon, this alternating of generations in which grandparents and grandchildren are aligned, with parents the odd men (and women) out .

From Dooce.

I read the post I wrote last night before going to bed and all I have to say about it is HUSBANDS SHOULD NOT LET THEIR WIVES BLOG DRUNK.

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