March 22, 2006

No disabled in North Korea

There are no people with physical disabilities in North Korea says a defector.

Anyone born disabled is killed as a way of "purifying the masses" and eliminating people who might be "different".

Refugees returning to North Korea face forced abortions in the prison camps in a drive by Kim Jong-Il to keep his people 'ethnically pure'.

Infanticides are common, as is slave labor, political prisoners and torture. Stories of mass starvation include "accounts of desperate people eating bark, weeds, pig feed -- and humans, sometimes by people who have gone insane." An estimated 3 million people have starved to death under the leadership of Kim Jong II.

Report from our State Department .

North Korea is a horrific disaster in slow motion.

I'm beginning to believe that the more disabled people one sees in public, the more humane the society.

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