August 5, 2006

Make Your Own Electricity

With the costs of electricity so high and getting higher, with more and more appliances, devices, computers, peripherals all demanding their share from the grid, the idea that you could produce all the electricity that you need is very appealing.

Springwise brings news of consumer-generated power using small wind turbines you can install on your roof.    Beginning this month, Skystream energy introduces the Skystream 3.7 that promises to reduce or eliminate your monthly electrical bills by producing electricity  quietly in very low winds.

It will take a while for state and local governments to allow such individual windmills, but I'm betting that over the next couple of decades, the American landscape will be dotted with tall, skinny, silver skystreams.     

So much for the home heliport.  But what about the birds?

The Winds of Change indeed.

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