August 8, 2006

Post bridal depression

With all the pressure to plan, organize and spend an average of $36,000 for THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THEIR LIVES, is it any surprise that, after the wedding, the brides crash?

Even Bridezilas get the post-nuptial blues

"You're expected to look your most beautiful and to be the centre of attention. It's no wonder a lot of girls feel like some part of them has died afterwards."

According to Paula Hall, a relationship psychotherapist, one in 10 new brides are so disturbed by the anti-climax of married life that they end up clinically depressed.

"There is an ingrained belief that this is supposed to be the best time in a person's life and people don't want to let go of the fantasy," she said.

The chatrooms of bridal websites have become busy with women consoling each other about the post-wedding adjustment to married life.

That's what happens when you spend all your time planning a wedding and pretty much nothing about planning for marriage.

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