August 14, 2006

Cognito to spot hostile intent

The Transportation Security Authority is testing new airport screening software to find out which travelers have hostile intent.

Biometric readings are  analyzed by a new software called Cognito using algorithms, artificial intelligence and polygraph principles.

At the heart of the system is proprietary software that draws on Israel's extensive field experience with suicide bombers and security-related interrogations. The system aims to test the responses to words, in many languages, that trigger psycho-physiological responses among people with terrorist intent.
The company's goal is to prove it can catch at least 90% of potential saboteurs -- a 10% false-negative rate -- while inconveniencing just 4% of innocent travelers.

Even though his expertise is in human observation, U.S. behavior-recognition expert Dr. Ekman says projects like Cogito deserve a shot. He expects technology to advance even further, to devices like lasers that measure people's vital signs from a distance. Within a year, he predicts, such technology will be able to tell whether someone's "blood pressure or heart rate is significantly higher than the last 10 people" who entered an airport.

From the Wall Street Journal, a free article  Which Travelers have 'Hostile Intent'? Biometric Device May Have the Answer.

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