August 20, 2006

Twin girls meet for first time

Two girls, fraternal twins, were separated, then abandoned a week apart on the same spot on a sidewalk in China.

The Funk family in Illinois adopted one and named her Mia; a year later,  the Ramirez family in Florida adopted the other and named her Mia.

Thanks to a website and DNA tests,  the two adopted girls, twins, met for the first time. 

  Chinese  Girl Twins

Separated at birth, united by chance
The girls, whose parents had dressed them identically in Chinese-themed outfits, shyly surveyed each other. Urged a little closer, they finally reached for each other's hand.

"I'm just awed," Holly Funk said as she looked at the tiny girls, a little island in the flow of travelers crowding the luggage claim area. "Grateful to God. To me, it's a divine thing. It's a miracle. In the sea of humanity, these kids found each other."

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