March 7, 2007

No greater love

Teen's survival in Gulf 'pretty amazing'.

A 13-year-old boy survived 28 hours in the chilly Gulf of Mexico because the three adults with him kept him propped above the water line on a part of the sunken pleasure boat that protruded above the water, U.S. Coast Guard officials said Tuesday.

Melquisedec Acevedo of Houston was found Monday clinging to a line from the partially submerged boat that sank Sunday about 10 miles south of Galveston Island. Two bodies were recovered and the search continues for a fourth man.

"For that little boy to survive is a strong indication that his family members did everything possible to ensure that he at least had a fighting chance at survival," Petty Officer Adam Eggers said.

What heartens me is the realization that these three men, even as they knew they were dying, did all they could to save the life of the youngest among them whose birthday it was.    Extraordinary bravery and love.

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