May 9, 2007

"What? You couldn't stretch to matching pants?"

"What? You couldn't stretch to matching pants?"

That's what Phil McCord thought the Pope would say to him when he met the Pope with the wrong pair of pants the dry cleaner gave him.

McCord was in Rome for the canonisation ceremony for  Mother Theodore Guerin, the former hospital administrator who was declared a saint by Pope Benedict XVI.

'Miracle man' meets the Pope

Just over six years ago his eye was healed from a serious illness after he prayed to Mother Theodore Guerin, the founder of the convent where he works.

At least 12 doctors were consulted about his remarkable recovery, and none could find a medical explanation for his cure.

The Catholic Church subsequently ruled it was a miracle.

As this was the second miracle attributed to Mother Theodore Guerin - and the Church says that it takes two miracles for a holy person to qualify for sainthood - the former hospital administrator's miracle meant Mother Guerin would be made into a saint.

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