July 31, 2007

"Our National Heart Has Ceased to Beat"

When Britain, a First World country, loses a democratically-elected politician because he fears for his life, we are entering a wholly new era. Britain is now an Iraq, a Zimbabwe.

Paul Weston writes about The Big Story That Isn't.

Mohammad Sarwar, a member of Parliament from Glasgow, Britain's first Muslim MP, is being driven from office following threats to his life and that of his children by other Muslims.   

The offense?  He pressed the government to seek extradition from Pakistan of the killers of a young 15-year-old Scottish boy Kriss Donald who was tortured in an especially brutal way, than killed.

Our national heart has ceased to beat. Our national soul is hovering indecisively above the operating table. The crash team have been called, but the politically inclined hospital switchboard have told them there is no problem, that everything is under control.

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