January 22, 2008

Jay Parkinson is a WOW

Is it a gimmick or a whole new way of being a doctor?

Jay Parkinson is an easily accessible mobile doctor who makes housecalls in the Brooklyn, Park Slope area of New York, offers same or next day appointments and follow up eVisits and he's a hunk.

  Jay Parkinson Mobile Doctor

He says, "The greatest predictor of health is giving a crap about yourself"

He knows amazing doctors, healthcare prices and will help prevent illness (a preventive medicine residency at John Hopkins, a masters in public health from there too, and an MD from Penn State University).

He specializes in children and young adults, 18-40 with and without traditional health insurance.

You can contact him by phone, email, IM, text or video chat, 8 to 5 Monday through Friday, 24/7 for emergencies.

He calls himself a "New Kind of Physician" and says,
When you need more than I provide, I ensure you wisely spend your money and pay the lowest price for the highest quality in order to optimize your health.

How does his practice work?
You enroll, he contacts you, you contact him, you get what you need.

Talk about a fresh, new approach, Jay has it.  Wow.

hat tip Seth Godin

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