August 13, 2008

The downsides of the pill

Oral Contraceptives Disrupt Ability to Choose Genetically Favorable Mate

A recent study by the University of Liverpool found that the contraceptive pill may adversely affect a woman's natural ability to choose a genetically favorable mate.

According to Craig Roberts, a Lecturer in Evolutionary Psychology and one of the researchers in this study, women taking the pill began to prefer men with more genetically similar odors.  Addressing the implications of such a disruption, he states: "Not only could [gene] similarity in couples lead to fertility problems, but it could ultimately lead to the breakdown of relationships when women stop using the contraceptive pill, as odour perception plays a significant role in maintaining attraction to partners."

These claims are not the first to question the pill's impact on hormone activity and sexuality.  Dr. David Brownstein, commenting on a study linking oral contraceptives to increased arterial plaque, emphasized the precarious balance of hormones needed for good health, a balance disrupted de facto in pill users:
Increased Risk of cerebrovascular disease and cervical cancer
"Oral contraceptives totally disrupt the normal hormonal cascade. When the hormonal system is disrupted, cardiovascular disease, cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and other serious illnesses will increase.  My clinical experience has clearly shown that it is impossible to adequately treat these illnesses if there is an imbalanced hormonal system/

Increased risks of taking the pill
A woman taking the pill is 1.9 times more likely to die from cerebrovascular disease, it reports, and 2.5 times more likely to die from cervical cancer. The 25 year follow-up study with 46,000 British women also notes that the enhanced risk of death lasts for 10 years after women have stopped taking the pill. 

American Life League President Judie Brown expressed great concern over the results of the study and the political agenda that pushes the use of the pill. "I can't imagine any other drug with these documented lethal effects that would be applauded as a positive thing," she said. "The truth is women are dying because they are using or have used birth control pills. We're not talking about increasing the risk of disease here. We're talking about death. Women are dying from the pill and no one seems to care.

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