August 13, 2008

The Russian Bear is Back

I go away for a few days and war breaks out with Russia invading its next-door neighbor the newly democratic state of Georgia.

Did the balance of power just tip?  According to Donald Sensing in Russia's the hare, the UN's the tortoise, yes.

Russia will have its way, whatever its way actually is, and the US and the West will do exactly nothing. The US will not go to war to turn Russia back (nor would the US be able to do so even if it wanted), and Europe can't go to war without the US. Absent a credible threat of force, the protestations of diplomats mean precisely zilch because there are no sanctions that are remotely possible that Vladimir Putin et. al. will think more painful than the benefits of enforcing their will against Georgia.

The balance of power just tipped, folks, and there is not one darn thing we can do about it.

Via American Digest

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