August 18, 2008

Fat Missionary Lady

Forget James Bond, this is what British spies look like.  And yes, they had a license to kill

 British Spys

The two peers look like innocent old ladies, but in fact they were two of the Cold War's most formidable spies. They drink tea, stirred not shaken, rather than Martinis, shaken not stirred, and they wouldn't be seen dead in an Aston Martin
Lady Park, 88, ran agents in Hanoi during the Vietnam War, smuggled defectors out of the Congo in the boot of her Citroën 2CV and was posted to Moscow when the KGB was at the height of its powers. Lady Ramsay, 72, was on the MI6 Iraq desk during the Gulf War and worked in Helsinki when Finland was an intelligence crossroads. She also helped to persuade Oleg Gordievsky, a colonel in the KGB, to defect.
I always looked just like a fat missionary, which was very useful. Missionaries get around, you know,” Lady Park says.

More Miss Marple than 007: The True Face of British Espionage.

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