November 16, 2009

Market-based health care solutions

Seven market-based health care solutions that have lowered health care costs and improved both access and quality of service  have gone unnoticed.  Congress to Healthcare Market: Drop Dead

1. Retail clinics
2. Retail clinic-hospital partnerships
3. On-site workplace healthcare clinics
4. Affordable $4 generic drugs that have already saved consumers $1 billion since Walmart introduced them in 2008.
5. Prepaid medical plans
6. Concierge medicine
7. High-deductible health insurance plans along with individually owned and managed health savings accounts.

Just for the record, the CBO released its cost analysis of the Republican health care plan and found it would reduce health care premiums and the deficit by $68 billion over 10 years.

How were the Republicans able to reduce costs?

• by creating high-risk insurance pools
• allowing people to purchase health insurance policies across state lines
• instituting medical malpractice reforms

Today, small businesses  - the ones who create the majority of jobs - have difficulties finding affordable health plans for their employees because they lack the negotiating leverage a large business has.  Under the Republican plan, rates would drop 7-10% for  small business plans, 5-8% for the individual market and only 0-3% for large corporations.

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