January 6, 2010

The Headline Poet and Climate Fraudsters

Matt Drudge is the Poet Laureate of the Headline Stack observes Gerard Vanderleun


Climate fraudsters are on the run writes James Lewis

The good news for 2010 is that the climate fraudsters are on the run. The bad news is that they are hoping against hope that the sheriff’s posse won’t catch ‘em. Because the real reason for “global warming” is now clear beyond any  reasonable doubt. The reason is ten trillion dollars in taxpayer dough for politicians, transnational bureaucrats, and phony science types. Put away those old world records for the Great Train Robbery and Bernie Madoff. You can junk Bonnie and Clyde. The climate fraudsters have now set the biggest record for massive fraud in human history.
ten trillion dollars for climate fraud. That’s an official estimate from the “Stern Review ” authored by distinguished British fraudocrat Lord Nicholas Stern in 2006. The same number also comes from the skeptical side, from the Marshall Institute, which has done careful economic projections about the cost of “global warming” abatement.

I agree with Lewis that the most egregious fraudsters should be prosecuted, especially as a deterrent to others. 

As for taxing carbon emissions, why?  The University of Bristol which actually looked at the observable data instead of using cockamamie software to predict looming disaster while neglecting to account for the sun, the clouds and the oceans in global climate found there has been No rise in atmospheric carbon in 150 years .

Investors Business Daily calls it the CO2 Lie

A new study shows that Earth's ability to absorb carbon dioxide from all sources, including man, has remained unchanged for 160 years. As it turns out, there may be no carbon to offset.

A major tenet of the global warming religion, straight from the Book of Gore, has been that the ability of the earth to handle increasing CO2 emissions is finite and that once the "tipping point" is reached, the earth will warm uncontrollably. Well, another climate domino has fallen — the myth that man-made CO2 is leading to climate catastrophe.

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