March 4, 2010

Beep, It's Your Medicine Nagging You

Finally, a pill container that beeps when you need to take your medication. 

The Wall St Journal reports.

The container—actually a high-tech top for a standard pill bottle called a "GlowCap"—is equipped with a wireless transmitter that plugs into the wall. When it is time for a dose of medicine, the GlowCap emits a pulsing orange light; after an hour, the gadget starts beeping every five minutes, in arpeggios that become more complicated and insistent. After that, the device can set off an automated telephone or text message reminder to patients who fail to take their pills. It also can generate email or letters reporting to a family member or doctor how often the medication is taken.

It is one of the high-tech ways companies are grappling with medicine noncompliance.  Only about half of patients who are prescribed a medication for a chronic condition are still taking the drug regularly after a year...

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