December 7, 2011

Things Every 18-Year-Old Should Know but Doesn't

50 Things every 18-year-old should know.

18) Lefty loosey, righty tighty. Turn it to the left to loosen it and to the right to tighten it.

20) Here are 3 keys to keeping a reasonably clean house: don't leave any dishes in the sink overnight; every time you have a full load of clothes, wash 'em, and take out the trash every time the can is full. You do those things, wipe up your messes, and vacuum when the floor gets filthy, and you'll keep things reasonably neat.

48) You beat 50% of the people by just showing up. You beat another 40% by working hard. The last 10% is a dogfight in the free enterprise system.

And 40 more

6) Write an advance medical directive, a will, and plan for your funeral. Your family will be eternally grateful if something happens.
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