March 28, 2012

"The 'Take Care of Me' Society is Wrecking the USA"

Charles Sykes writes in the Fiscal Times, The Entitled States of America: We Want More!

The 'Take Care of Me' Society is Wrecking the USA
Wants have been transformed into "rights" in America and ultimately into obligations and entitlements.
The entitlement state appeals to voters who believe they will bear no consequences for the costs or sustainability of the program. Questions of affordability don’t come into it, because they know they will never have to pay for it. (Recall that 49.5 percent of Americans pay no federal income tax at all.)

They are not thinking of the burden to their children, their grandchildren, their friends, their fellow citizens of the country, or anyone else. As long as it is free to them – it’s free. And good luck telling them otherwise.

Like Troy Senik at Ricochet, I think Dave Ramsey is doing more to fix America's economy than our President.

America, it turns out, is not just a debtor nation; it is a nation populated by debtors.....U.S. households owe a combined $11.5 trillion on credit cards, car loans, mortgages and other consumer debt, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Ramsey – who counsels against the evils of debt at every turn – has become a sensation throughout the country, largely because his methods, when faithfully applied, consistently work. Against the trend of the age – the get-rich-quick scheme – he preaches instead the virtues of prolonged, patient savings, budgeting, and abstention from debt.

That there is such a robust market for his message augurs well for us. That so many Americans had to turn to their radios for lessons that were taught at the kitchen table only a few generations ago does not.
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