September 17, 2012

So you never read Moby Dick

‘I have written a blasphemous book’, said Melville when his novel was first published in 1851, ‘and I feel as spotless as the lamb’.

You can read or listen to a chapter a day in the the Moby-Dick Big Read:

It's  an online version of Melville’s magisterial tome: each of its 135 chapters read out aloud, by a mixture of the celebrated and the unknown, to be broadcast online, one new chapter each day, in a sequence of 135 downloads, publicly and freely accessible.

Moby-Dick captures stars for reading voyage

David Cameron, Tilda Swinton, Stephen Fry and Simon Callow jump aboard ambitious project to broadcast Herman Melville's classic novel in its entirety – 135 chapters over 135 days.

The news is so bad and so dispiriting that listening to a great book for a few minutes each day provides a healthy antidote.

I'm going to do it.

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