September 28, 2012

A few things good to know

Why putting things off wastes 69 minutes a day and three years of your adult life

And one in five of us waste more than two hours a day putting off what we should be doing.  Research shows we waste on average 69 minutes a day procrastinating on tasks like trimming the hedge

Women are more likely to do so than men, with 59 per cent admitting to putting off important tasks compared with 50 per cent of men. But we begin to kick the habit as we grow older.  While 65 per cent of 18-24 year olds admit to procrastinating at least once a day, the figure drops to 51 per cent of those aged over

Two things that can increase the hours in your day from Business Insider
1) Use time to help others.  A good way to feel less busy is to give away some of your time. Spending time on others makes us feel less time-constrained
2) The experience of awe.  Those who were primed to feel awe... saw time as much more expansive, less constricted. They felt free of time’s pressure.

Also with practical tips

  • Best time to get a human being on the phone when calling a company's customer service line: As early as possible (lowest call volume)
  • Best day of the week to eat dinner out: Tuesday (freshest food, no crowds)
  • Best day to fly: Saturday (fewer flights means fewer delays, shorter lines, less stress)
  • Best time to fly: Noon (varies but pilots say airport rush hours coincide with workday rush hours)
  • Best time to have surgery: Morning (4x less likely to have complications in the morning than between 3-4PM)
  • Best time to exercise: 6-8PM (body temp highest, peak time for strength and flexibility)
  • Best time to have sex: 10PM-1AM (skin sensitivity is highest in late evening)

Chi running marries method and mindfulness    I love Tai Chi, but don't much like running.  Maybe I'll try this.

Chi Running evolved when a tai chi-practicing ultra-marathoner decided to apply principles from the Chinese system of slow, smooth movement to his running……Correct alignment is a tenet of chi running. Posture is the first thing Dreyer works on with clients.

"If posture isn't good, the support system isn't good," he said. "Any weakness or misalignment will really affect you because you're always on one leg," he said, noting that running injuries happen from the knees down.  In his method a forward tilt from the ankles moves the runner's center of mass ahead and allows gravity to take on more of the body's weight."The body gets to fall," Dreyer said. "All you have to do is lift your legs."

5 Simple Mind Hacks That Changed My Life

1) Making yourself impervious to criticism.
2) How to make a final decision.
3) The key to getting over mistakes.
4) How to stop overreacting to minor issues.
5) How to have a more active life.

Galaxy Jello

when the Kiddo woke up the next morning and asked if he could have a galaxy for breakfast, I was thrilled. He’d been out the night before, when I made them, and didn’t know what they were actually supposed to be, so when he looked at them and saw all of time and space in a jar, I couldn’t have been happier.

Using a plastic bottle to separate eggs.  Mesmerizing via Kottke

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