October 10, 2012

Life is more precious than you know

New York Woman Wins Right to Die Lawsuit, Then Changes Mind

A terminally ill patient, Grace Sung Eun Lee, 28, was awarded the right to chose to die by a New York court this month, but has now changed her mind and wants to live.  Miss Lee, once a financial manager, was felled by terminal brain cancer that left her paralyzed from the neck down and being fed through feeding tubes.  Lee was determined competent to make her own decisions and won the right to choose to turn off the machines keeping her alive over objections from her devoutly religious parents.  But now Lee reports that she has changed her mind about choosing death.

Lee's court appointed lawyer affirmed her decision. “What Grace said to me when I asked her, she said she was doing it to make peace with her parents and to make peace with God,” attorney David Smith told Brennan.

Heartwarming tale of the deaf quadriplegic who writes on Twitter at four words a minute

He is 24 and confined to a constant existence in a wheelchair.  But thanks to Twitter, David Rose not only has thousands of friends, but he's finding more all the time, all of them drawn to his witty comments and positive attitude as he blogs and tweets about his life.  David is a profoundly deaf quadriplegic, his disabilities caused by cerebral palsy, and he sends each message out at a pace of four words a minute, using a specialized computer which translates his eye movements.

 Davidrose Tweet

Since his family helped set up 'David's Twitter Machine', to go along with his own blog, his world has got much bigger thanks to virtual friends which stand in admiration for his ethics, philosophies and good humor.  David, or Dave, as he likes to be called, lives in a residential home for disabled people in Orange County, California, near his mother and his sister.    He communicates with a Tobii eye-gaze computer that tracks his eye-movement and posts on Facebook and Twitter, and on his blog he says he likes puppies, girls, funny movies, good stories and jokes, and 'yummy food'.
A few nights ago i lay on my back in bed late at night and choke on something.

'The aide on duty hear me and run in turn me over and clear it. If he not do that i might be gone because cannot turn over myself.

'Because of this and because i might not be here tomorrow then why hate? Why argue and fight? Why be mean and nasty? If someone that way to me I just feel sorry for them.

'They the person who have the worst disability! they not able to love despite bad things and see the good in everything.

I try best to get along good with everyone. I want make people laugh. I want tell people life worth living even when is hard.

'This is why i am how i am. I could leave very soon and not ever come back so I want to leave you, Travis, and everyone else with a smile on you face and nice memory of me.

'And i want you make something of yourself! Do the same and make the whole world better! Too much nasty right now, so lets make some funny and make people laugh before is too late!

'If you all do that because of what i say then i can live on for many years lol. yes in a way it selfish, but i think is better this kind of selfish than someone wanting new car and best house.

'People say i am inspirational. I think i am not, i am just me. i just hope it the best me i can be because i might have to leave soon and there is no second chance. this is it.

'So stop crying stop complaining stop arguing and start laughing. now! does not matter what other people do. it only matter what you do.'
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