October 11, 2012

Sounds of the seas

False killer whale, White beaked dolphin, Humpback whale

White beaked dolphin,  Northern minke whale, Humpback whale

Sounds of our seas revealed - and they look a lot like the view through a kaleidoscope

Mark Fischer, the owner of Aquasonic Acoustics in California, takes whale songs and transforms them into beautiful images. The 51-year-old converts the voices of the 100-ton mammals into 'wavelets' and then colors them in with imaging software. He also uses the technique to capture the melodies of humpback whales, dolphins and birds.
The Californian said the images were well received by the public - but only aesthetically.    'Rarely are they interested in how the images are made, what kind of mathematics is behind the image or even what species made the sound,' he added.
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