October 19, 2012

Friday Flotsam of Just plain interesting links

Sleeping on one side at a time. Dolphins evolved the ability to sleep one brain hemisphere at a time so they could be  continuously alert

The 25 Most Powerful TV Shows of the Last 25 Years

13 Little-Known Punctuation Marks We Should Be Using

Listen at the link for The Five Worst Sounds in the Universe  .

In Latest Bid to Lord Over Flies, One Man Tries Salting Them Away  Inventor's $30 Plastic 'Shotgun' Peppers Pests With Lethal Grain Assault

The first look inside Google's data centers.  Where the Internet Lives

In Massachusetts a 22-year-old man who works two jobs and was recently dumped by his girlfriend, wins a $30 million lottery ticket.  Taking a lump sum and
after paying taxes, he has $16 million and is getting over his heartbreak.

Remarkable wisdom.  In Syracuse, the son of Palestinian immigrants, won a $5 million lottery six years ago but waited until now to claim his prize that he will share with his brother

The agency said the younger brother said he waited so long to claim his prize because he was concerned the windfall could 'negatively influence' his life if he didn't plan properly before being publicly introduced as the winner. Andy Ashkar also told lottery officials that he also didn't want the windfall to influence his engagement and subsequent marriage.

Why the Amish are the best money mangers Business Insider

Best Halloween costume of the year

-Halloween Costume Wheelchair

The faces of fear: Haunted house releases hilarious photos of visitors captured mid-scream building on last year's viral hit, Scared Brothers at The Nightmares Fear Factory.

 5 Scared Boys

Modern alchemy The bacteria that transforms toxic liquid gold into a 24-carat Usable Metal

Stash of mysterious 100-year-old photos discovered in hotel ceiling by workman carrying out renovations.  A glimpse of Americans  living a century ago.

 Savage Photos Peeryhotel

The best face transplant ever.  Richard Morris injured in1997 in a gun accident was treated by 100- strong team of doctors and now has a new face and a new life

 Face Transplant

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