November 3, 2012


Those of us on  the East Coast  were warned for days about the coming "Frankenstorm" so it is beyond my understanding how FEMA didn't hear about it.

How else can you explain the fact the Federal Emergency Management Agency ran out of water for the storm victims?

In contrast to its stated policy, FEMA failed to have any meaningful supplies of bottled water -- or any other supplies, for that matter -- stored in nearby facilities as it had proclaimed it would on its website. This was the case despite several days advance warning of the impending storm.

Why didn't they stockpile water, food and gasoline ?

FEMA only began to solicit bids for vendors to provide bottled water for distribution to Hurricane Sandy victims on Friday - 4 days after the storm -  for delivery on Monday.

Meanwhile, Nestle Waters donates more than 775,000 bottles of water and looks as it was awarded the FEMA contract for 5 million bottles of water.

 New-York-Magazine-Cover Sandy

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"We are ordinary people and our mission is a simple one"

Daniel Greenfield We Are Those Who Stand for the Day

We are ordinary people and our mission is a simple one. We are the preservers of the present. Our task is to stand against the destroyers, the dislocated in mind and body, drawing up their plans for mutant civilizations, their distorted visions of the past and future set in ideological dogmas, for the plain and simple things of the present. While they seek to take away our nations, our beliefs and our children away from us, we fight to preserve them and to keep our world with us.

We have no grand schemes or manifestos, no glorious visions of caliphates and socialist republics, our vision is of our homes and our stores, our families and our friends, the communities that we have built and the small things that we have done every day of our lives for the sake of all these things. These small things, the little uncounted freedoms and the self-chosen responsibilities are our manifestos, they are our battle cries and they are what we fight for. They are our world and we hold them now in the light of day against the destroyers who would bring against us the fall of night.
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