December 6, 2012

The "Pinocchio Effect" illustrated

Researchers Confirm the “Pinocchio Effect”: When you Lie, your Nose Temperature Raises

  Red Nose Pinocchio Effect

Using thermography,researchers at the University of Granada, Department of Experimental Psychology report:

When you lie, your nose temperature rises.
When a mental effort is made (performing difficult tasks, being interrogated on a specific event or lying) face temperature changes.
When we lie on our feelings, the temperature around our nose raises and a brain element called “insula” is activate.
When a person is dancing flamenco the temperature in their buttocks drops and increases in their forearms.  Each dance modality has a specific thermal footprint.
When a highly empathic person sees another person having an electric discharge in their forearm, they become infected by their suffering and temperature in their forearm increases.
Sexual excitement and desire can be identified in men and women using thermography, since they induce an increase in chest and genital temperature.

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