July 5, 2013

Who's Racist Today

Best of the Web's James Taranto, Who's the Most 'Racist'?

When Rasmussen Reports asked some of its polling subjects to conduct an odd exercise in racial stereotyping, the results were counterintuitive, or at least counterstereotypical:

Thirty-seven percent (37%) of American Adults think most black Americans are racist, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 15% consider most white Americans racist, while 18% say the same of most Hispanic Americans.
Among black Americans, 31% think most blacks are racist, while 24% consider most whites racist and 15% view most Hispanics that way….And blacks are 3 points less likely than liberals to think most whites are racist.

All of which suggests that the people likeliest to believe most whites are racist and most blacks are not are those who are both liberal and white. Which reinforces a point we've made often in this column: that a lot of what drives the futile debate over race in America is white liberals' psychological need to feel morally superior to other whites.

Saxophone player attacked in the street by three black women 'who said a white girl shouldn't play an old jazz song'

Cassandra Struve, 26, was performing in the street outside the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee, Wisconsin around 11pm on June 26 when the three women approached her.  'I was playing Minnie the Moocher, classic Blues Brothers song,' Struve told WITI. 'A lady with a child in her hand came up to me, smacked me in my face and said, "Don’t play that".'

They added that a white girl could not play the song, she said. After she was hit, she said she was 'instantly upset' and broke down in tears. As a reaction, she pushed the woman who had hit her away, but was then punched twice in the side of the face by a second woman, she said.

'As they walked away, they were saying" white saxophone playing B word",' said Struve. 'I was upset and crying instantly because I knew that when she hit me, she hit me with only racial hate.'

Just Don't Hire the White Guy

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina commissioner Kim Ratliff, the board’s vice chair, told a local television station in Charlotte that when it comes to replacing the current manager (a black man), it can be a “black female or a Hispanic female or a Hispanic male”—“just someone who is not a white male.”

In Minding the Campus, Diversity After Fisher

Anyone living in the real world knows that those admissions policies are nothing but racial balancing schemes. The coral reef of "diversity" happens to be where, under force of legal circumstances, they are forced to play out this game, but achieving a vibrant intellectual community on campus in which diverse ideas are welcome is the last thing on the minds of campus administrators.  If they were concerned about actual viewpoint diversity, we would have campuses in which conservative ideas are robustly represented, where gay marriage is debated and not just acclaimed, where doubts about racial preferences themselves could be openly expressed, where those who have reservations about the current "climate change" models could present their case, etc.

Higher education is cemented into orthodoxies of its own devising that leave students ill-prepared for the actual diversity of views in the larger society. These orthodoxies are pernicious in a number of ways, but let's stick with just one of them:  they breed in students contempt for those who depart from the "consensus" on any given topic.  The ideals of open-mindedness and tolerance are reduced to merely slogans.
Americans overwhelmingly hate the preference regime that our colleges and courts have created. When the public gets a chance to vote on the matter, it typically gives an emphatic "NO!" to preferences.  Even preference supporters these days often pivot to class-based rather than race-based preferences. The louder the higher education establishment asserts that "DIVERSITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION REMAINS AN ESSENTIAL NATIONAL PRIORITY," the more we should wonder "Why?"  Asking that simple question will go a long way towards ending the preference regime.

Investors Business Daily.  While Supremes Downplay Race, Obama Mandates It in Decision-Making

His race-obsessed administration is bringing racial preferences and affirmative action back with a vengeance.And it's doing so outside the legislative process, largely behind the scenes, through executive orders, regulations and prosecutions, effectively expanding existing civil-rights law.
To boost minority hiring, the EEOC recently warned employers they could be considered guilty of "race discrimination if they choose law-abiding applicants over applicants with criminal convictions." The predictable result: hiring quotas for felons.
The agency also advised that all FDIC-insured banks must develop and implement an "affirmative action program" for hiring.
The administration, moreover, has adopted an interagency "Policy Statement on Discrimination in Lending" that makes it "permissible" (and strongly advisable) for banks to apply more favorable lending terms for minority borrowers "to address past discrimination."
It has also formalized the use of a lower standard of proof — "disparate impact" liability — for enforcing anti-discrimination laws in housing and lending.
For the first time, disparate impact is woven through all civil-rights enforcement of the federal government.
The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.  Yet this president is injecting race into just about every decision made in our merit-based society.

Most depressing read of the day.  Before It's Deleted, Essay by a teacher in a black high school

Once I asked my students, “What do you think of the Constitution?” “It white,” one slouching black rang out. The class began to laugh. And I caught myself laughing along with them, laughing while Pompeii’s volcano simmers, while the barbarians swell around the Palatine, while the country I love, and the job I love, and the community I love become dimmer by the day.
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