December 18, 2013

IBM's predicts the future five years from now

IBM reveals its five predictions for our world in 2018

The classroom will learn you - smarter classrooms will use cloud data to learn about students and identify learning disorders immediately.

Buying local will beat online -  shops will combine the convenience of online shopping in physical stores and same-day delivery will improve.

Doctors will routinely use your DNA to keep you well -  By using advancements in DNA research, doctors will be able to uniquely identify how a certain cancer or disease will affect a person. Treatments and medications will become more tailored and waiting times will drop.

A digital guardian will protect you online - Passwords will be replaced by devices that learn who a person is, how they behave and what sites they use. They will grant access automatically to that person, but also be able to identify unusual or suspicious activity automatically.

The city will help you live in it - Governments will be able to use data about its residents movements, needs and more to improve cities and towns, including schools and transport routes.
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