January 22, 2014

'Once I started, I thought to myself, ‘Well, gee, why not?"

Why you should heed the tips of a 94-year-old athlete in a new book What Makes Olga Run?  Olga Kotelko from Vancouver, Canada,  took up athletics at the age of 77 and has since scored 26 world records and more than 750 gold medals.

She reveals how she likes to exercise daily, gets eight hours of sleep, keep her brain active with Sudoku puzzles and eat unprocessed foods - with pickled herring, Greek yogurt and the occasional dram of Scotch among her favorite delicacies.

Author Bruce Grierson, spent months meticulously examining Ms Kotelko's lifestyle and told Today.com of the nonagenarian: 'She's having a ball, she's having the best time of her life . . . She thinks of herself as still growing.'

One of the athlete's more bizarre habits is setting her alarm to 2am every morning for stretching and meditation sessions.
After bending, flexing and clearing her mind she then goes back to sleep.
Everything else aside, one necessity Ms Kotelko considers 'a must', is maintaining a positive frame of mind….'Be optimistic and face every day with a smile,' she said.  'Praying, having faith and a good relationship with your family. Friends, a lot of friends.'

She was always active, but didn’t take up track and field until age 77. Her sporting career has seen her travel all over the world.

'Once I started, I thought to myself, ‘Well, gee, why not?"' the grandmother-pf-two recalled.  'I chose to be a young-at-heart athlete rather than an old woman.'  She says that out of the 11 field and track sports she practices, hammer throw is her favorite.

 Olga Kotelko Hammer Throwing

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