February 6, 2014

'Tired and irrelevant, 'boring and dull'

Reporters from the New York Times finally confess, albeit anonymously, their dissatisfaction with editor Andy Rosenthal and the editorial and op ed pages which they describe as 'tired and irrelevant,' 'boring and dull'.

The Tyranny and Lethargy of the Times Editorial Page Reporters in ‘semi-open revolt’ against Andrew Rosenthal

IT’S WELL KNOWN AMONG THE SMALL WORLD of people who pay attention to such things that the liberal-leaning reporters at The Wall Street Journal resent the conservative-leaning editorial page of The Wall Street Journal. What’s less well known—and about to break into the open, threatening the very fabric of the institution—is how deeply the liberal-leaning reporters at The New York Times resent the liberal-leaning editorial page of The New York Times.
The blame here, in the eyes of most Times reporters to whom The Observer spoke, belongs to Andrew Rosenthal, who as editorial page editor leads both the paper’s opinion pages and opinion postings online, as well as overseeing the editorial board and the letters, columnists and op-ed departments. Mr. Rosenthal is accused of both tyranny and pettiness, by the majority of the Times staffers interviewed for this story. …

“He runs the show and is lazy as all get-out,” says a current Times writer…

“Andy’s got 14 or 15 people plus a whole bevy of assistants working on these three unsigned editorials every day. They’re completely reflexively liberal, utterly predictable, usually poorly written and totally ineffectual….

“Tom Friedman is an embarrassment. I mean there are multiple blogs and Tumblrs and Twitter feeds that exist solely to make fun of his sort of blowhardy bullshit.” ….

“I think the editorials are viewed by most reporters as largely irrelevant, and there’s not a lot of respect for the editorial page. The editorials are dull, and that’s a cardinal sin. They aren’t getting any less dull….

"The fact of the matter is the Wall Street Journal editorial page just kicks our editorial page’s ass. "

Some of us have known that for years.  That said, some of the NYT reporters are great.

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