April 3, 2014

Your Government at Work

Security Breaches of Personal Information at Federal Agencies More than Doubles Since 2009

Millions of individuals who recently entrusted personal, medical, and financial information to the federal government while enrolling in Obamacare via Healthcare.gov may find a recent trend reported by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) rather unsettling.  The number of security breaches involving Personally Identifiable Information (PII) at federal agencies more than doubled in recent years, increasing from 10,481 in 2009 to 25,566 in 2013.  Perhaps even more disturbing, the GOA found that "none of the seven agencies [in a related study] consistently documented lessons learned from PII breaches."

Despite the fact that the mentally disabled were used by the ATF in six different cities in six different stings the ATF Denies Targeting Mentally Disabled in Sting Operations

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is investigating a series of ATF sting operations in six cities—originally reported on by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel—where agents set up false storefronts, used mentally disabled people to drum up sales of illegal drugs and guns, and then arrested them.

“Your agents target people with low IQs because they are susceptible to this kind of buddying up,” Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R., Calif.) told Jones. “One individual was tutored by ATF agents about how to use a machine gun so he could go out, buy one, and then be arrested by ATF.”

Jones said the ATF only learned that their targets were disabled during defense pleadings in court.

Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D., Ill.) pressed Jones to explain how agents were unaware of what they were doing.

“You don’t think your agents dealing with an individual with an IQ in the 50s knew they were dealing with a mentally disabled person?” Duckworth asked Jones. “If your IQ is in the 50s it is very clear someone is mentally disabled.”

Report: EPA tested deadly pollutants on humans to push Obama admin’s agenda

The agency conducted tests on people with health issues and the elderly, exposing them to high levels of potentially lethal pollutants, without disclosing the risks of cancer and death, according to a newly released government report.

These experiments exposed people, including those with asthma and heart problems, to dangerously high levels of toxic pollutants, including diesel fumes, reads a EPA inspector general report obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. The EPA also exposed people with health issues to levels of pollutants up to 50 times greater than the agency says is safe for humans.

The EPA conducted five experiments in 2010 and 2011 to look at the health effects of particulate matter, or PM, and diesel exhaust on humans.

Power Steering: Government Motors Recalling Six Million Plus Vehicles Due to Potentially-Dangerous Defects; No One In Media Asks Where GM's Top CEO, Barack Obama, Was During All This

In addition to the 4.8 million vehicles recalled for various problems ranging from dodgy ignition switches to non-deploying airbags, an additional 1.3 million are now being recalled due to a problem with the power steering that could cause an accident.

GM is Alive, And 13 Victims of GM Malfunctions Are Dead

The headline refers to the fact that 13 people died due to the ignition-switch defect, which would have cost fifty seven cents per car to fix…..
Obama touted the defective, deadly Chevy Cobalt as a Government Motors success story….Of course no Obama official is telling people to stop driving Government Motors vehicles now. After all, Government Motors is officially one of this Obama Success Stories so beloved by the media.

But a Democratic Senator, Connecticut's Dick Blumenthal, is in fact telling people to stop driving Government Motors vehicles immediately.

The GM Scandal Is Worse Than You Think.  David Harsanyi tells us why the  government should never own a business.

In February 2010, the Obama Administration’s Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told America, without a shred of evidence, that Toyota automobiles were dangerous to drive. LaHood offered the remarks in front of the House Appropriations subcommittee that was investigating reports of unintended-acceleration crashes. “My advice is, if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it,” he said, sending the company’s stock into a nosedive.

Even at the time, LaHood’s comments were reckless at best. Assailing the competition reeks of political opportunism and cronyism. It also illustrates one of the unavoidable predicaments of the state owning a corporation in a competitive marketplace.  And when we put LaHood’s comment into perspective today, it’s actually a lot worse.  Not only did the Obama administration have the power and ideological motive to damage the largely non-unionized competition, it was busy propping up a company that was causing preventable deaths.

Anyone Seen the Guy Who Gave GM $49 Billion in Taxpayer Money? That would be Steve Rattner, the auto czar.

Rattner has gone largely unmentioned in the coverage of the GM defective-switch scandal. He’s not saying much on his own venues, and apparently no one wants to ask him any questions about President’s Auto Industry Task Force, just how thorough their review of GM was, and how they managed to miss so many consequential lurking safety issues.

There is plenty of blame to go around here. First there’s the serious accusation that GM hid just how deadly the problem could be:…

Then there’s the charge that federal safety inspectors and regulators are now blaming GM to divert attention from their own bureaucratic inertia . . .

Obama Administration Wants to Ax Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in Balkans, Iraq.  This is one example of a very effective government program being eliminated.

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