June 14, 2014

Thanks Dads

"His heritage to his children wasn't words or possessions, but an unspoken treasure, the treasure of his example as a man and father."
- Will Rogers Jr.

How Dads Affect Their Daughters into Adulthood - Daughters of good fathers show superior academic performance, career success and financial well-being, more intimate and fulfilling relationships with men  and are better equipped to deal with stress.

Roughhousing Lessons From Dad Fathers Teach Risk-Taking, Boundary-Setting; Learning From 'Sock Wrestling' -Fathers who spend time with their children instill self-control and social skills in their offspring. 

Some of the Best Advice a Dad Can Give

The Transformative Power of Fatherhood.  An interview with Brad Wilcox on how dads make a difference to their children and communities

….what’s fascinating about the new science on fatherhood… is that we’re learning more about the ways in which men are transformed physically, socially, and emotionally by parenthood….for instance, that men’s testosterone drops after they become parents. The figure below shows that Filipino men who got partnered and then had children experienced the largest drops in testosterone over time. This pattern suggests that men are being prepared by Mother Nature, provided they live with the mother of their kids, to settle down and become more attentive to their family. ….

After kids come along, men are more likely to be engaged civically in their communities in activities ranging from youth soccer to church. Furthermore, they typically work harder and earn more money after they become dads, provided that they live with the mother of their children…..

Dads tend to take on a distinctive role when it comes to providing for, playing with, and challenging their children to confront life’s difficulties and opportunities…..Dads also help to engender a sense of self-control in their children.

--, both at the individual and neighborhood level, dads seem to help create a safer social environment. Indeed, Harvard sociologist Robert Sampson has found that one of the better predictors of violence at the neighborhood level is the presence of large numbers of fatherless homes…

Children are significantly less likely to be physically and sexually abused when they live with their own married father, especially compared to children living with their mother and an unrelated male boyfriend. Clearly, biological, married fathers tend to be more invested in the welfare of their own children than men who are not tied to kids by marriage or blood.
Mothers tend to mother their children better when dad is in the home. Married mothers are more involved, more affectionate, and more likely to monitor their kids, on average, than are single mothers. They also enjoy closer relationships with their kids. We’re talking here about averages, of course, because many single moms do a great job and enjoy great relationships with their kids. It’s just that, on average, married moms enjoy closer relationships with their children.

It matters a lot for dads, especially in a society where fathers are often belittled or minimized in the popular culture, to have their sacrifices and love recognized and appreciated.
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