September 2, 2014

The real "rape culture"

These are the Rotherham councillors who presided during the child abuse scandal

 Rotherham Councillors

They were willing to let Muslim gangs rape and torture at least 1400 young white girls in Rotherham, a city the size of Buffalo, and do nothing lest they rock the boat or appear racist.  The majority of them were women.

When a whistle-blower came forward in 2002 and informed the Council that 270 girls had been sexually exploited in the previous year primarily by British Pakistani men who are called Asians though they are not Asian but Muslim, the Council's response.

They said you must never refer to that again, you must never refer to Asian men,” she said.

“And [the] other response was to book me on a two-day ethnicity and diversity course to raise my awareness of ethnic issues.”

The researcher also says that before her report could be published, someone stole her data from her office. Because there was no evidence of a break-in, she says the thief must have been a council employee. The report was never published, Holt reports, “and the council even tried unsuccessfully to get the researcher sacked.”

“I was subjected to the most intense personal hostility,” says the researcher. “There were threats made from a range of sources. I’ve never seen back-covering like it, and I still feel extremely angry about that.”

Ian Tuttle calls out feminists for their failure to say anything, Feminists see “rape culture” in nail polish (and everywhere else) but now remain silent about real abuse.

The U.K. Mirror, for instance, reports that “Emma,” a Rotherham-area girl, was raped once a week beginning when she was 13 years old. When she provided to police the names of 250 men she claimed had raped her, police ignored her. Hundreds, if not thousands, of girls in Rotherham and throughout England probably experienced the same.

In Rotherham there is a real-life “rape culture.” But you will not learn anything new about it from Salon, the Daily Beast, Jezebel, or Slate. It has gone unmentioned at Feministing, Bitch Media, or the Feminist Majority Foundation. There have been no outraged op-eds from Jenny Kutner, Jessica Valenti, or Samantha Leigh Allen.

These are, apparently, not the rapes they are looking for.

It is hard not to interpret the feminist blogosphere’s silence on Rotherham as an indication of the movement’s ultimate lack of seriousness
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