November 1, 2014

Weekend Miscellany 3

Genocidal Napoleon was as barbaric as Hitler, historian claims

The Number That Explains Hong Kong’s Upheaval by David Feith
Off-color and packed with meaning, ‘689’ is a guide to the city’s present and future.

How an Oil Engineer Developed Autotune

Amazing Timelapse: Braces Straightening Teeth

10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America

The Chemistry of the Colors of Blood.  There are four, red, blue, green and purple

Where trophy deer are bred to grow hyperreal racks.  Antler Farm 

“It’s not healthy for some of these deer to be carrying rocking chairs on top of their head,….experienced hunters say it’s easy to see that some of these deer have trouble keeping their heads up, with all the weight they’re carrying.

Wonderful Photographs from Mexico's Day of the Dead in Atlas Obscura

In Mexico, Day of Dead is more of a spiritual and religious festival,…the focus is on the altars and the millions, if not billions, of marigolds used to decorate them. The scent of the flowers is said to lure back the dead to visit Earth for this annual reunion with the living.

 Mexico Dayofdead
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