December 19, 2014

Health Roundup: Food and Diet Edition

Why Exercise.  Could you BREATHE away those excess pounds? 80% of fat leaves the body via the lungs, say experts (so the more you exercise the better)

More than 80% of body fat leaves the body through breathing out.  Human fat cells store triglyceride, made up of three atoms: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen  To shed fat, you have to break down the atoms in triglyceride via oxidation.  When 10kg of fat is oxidized, 8.4kg leaves the body as CO2 via the lungs

Overweight  A Lack of Bacteria Can Make You Overweight  Genetics and Microbes in Your Gastrointestinal Tract Offer Clues to Metabolism and Obesity.  Researchers at Cornell University have identified a family of microbes called Christensenellaceae that appear to help people stay lean—and having an abundance of them, or not, is strongly genetic.

Eat Potatoes How a chemical compound found in spuds is shown to prevent weight gain

Don't bother counting calories… it's the type of food that matters: Items high in fat may actually be good at keeping the weight off  High-fat nuts, olive oil, fish and full-fat milk could help keep you slim. And supposedly healthy low-fat foods may be the real diet villains.  Expert says focusing on calories may 'mislead and harm public health'

Authority Nutrition 9 Lies About Fat That Destroyed The World's Health

1. Back in 60s and 70s, many prominent scientists believed that saturated fat was the main cause of heart disease, by raising the "bad" cholesterol in the blood. This idea was the cornerstone of the low-fat diet. Because of a few bad studies and misguided political decisions, this diet was recommended to all Americans in the year 1977.  However, there wasn't a single study on this diet at the time. The American public became participants in the largest uncontrolled experiment in history.

This experiment didn't turn out very well and we are still suffering the consequences. This graph (at link ) shows how the obesity epidemic started at almost the exact same time the low-fat guidelines came out.

A low carb/high fat diet  might be better for diabetics

A few years ago, Dr Unwin began to suspect that the advice favoring complex "high–carbohydrate foods" such as wholemeal bread, pasta and rice might have the reverse effect to that intended, by acting to increase the blood sugar level in those with diabetes. Accordingly, he proposed that all the patients in his practice who had been newly identified as having type 2, or "pre–", diabetes should adopt a high–fat diet.

The results, published in the journal Practical Diabetes, are truly astonishing – an average weight loss of 9kg with a reduction in waist circumference from 120cm to 105cm. There was also a striking improvement in both their blood sugar levels, with only two still in the abnormal range. Seven patients were able to come off their medication.Their blood pressure also improved and the average cholesterol reading fell from 5.5 to 4.7 – seeming to disprove the persistent rhetoric of the past 20 years implicating "high–fat" foods as a cause of raised cholesterol.

The obesity pill that could replace exercise by turning 'bad' fat to 'good'

Harvard Stem Cell Institute at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital have identified two compounds that can turn white or 'bad' fat cells into brown 'good' fat cells in the body.  They believe they have made a breakthrough in the battle against the bulge.  They said the discovery could be 'the first step towards a pill that can replace the treadmill'.
When a person eats too many calories without burning them off, they are stored as white fat cells by adult stem cells. That is what causes people to pile on the pounds.  The new study found two small molecules that convert fat stem cells, which would normally produce white fat, into brown-like fat cells.  These brown fat cells burn excess energy and subsequently reduce the size and numbers of white fat cells.

One of the two molecules is already approved to treat rheumatoid arthritis, but scientists warned a pill is some way off.  They warned the compounds could damage the immune system.
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