December 30, 2014

Miscellany 2

The Benefits of Being Cold by James Hamblin in The Atlantic
Year-round warmth is a modern luxury, and one that could be affecting body weight and health.

Money to Burn. Fed Scores in Bid to Keep Cash From Trash

The Fed destroys more than 5,000 tons of U.S. currency a year—billions of dollars in torn, dirty or worn-out bills that are withdrawn from circulation and shredded…It’s now succeeding in bringing the dollar out of the dump, recycling more than 90% of its discarded bills. Power plants burn them for fuel. Compost piles turn them into fertilizer. Some of them even end up in manufactured goods.

The Everything Book.  Reading in the Age of Amazon    "solid-state devices filled with culture"

Inside the Kindle lab ..From the start, Amazon has defined its hardware mission narrowly: to build devices that disappear in the hand, with uniquely useful features, for a low price. "We would never make a gold thing, because that’s too distracting," Green says. "There are many companies that create pieces of jewelry. We’re not going to do that, because that's an added cost that takes away from the actual content."
Great writing ought to get into people’s brains," Katz says. "And how it gets there shouldn’t be a matter of religiosity."

How to Sit in a Victorian Bustle YouTube

Photographer Beth Moon Spends 14 Years Of Her Life Documenting World’s Oldest Trees


San Francisco Schools Transformed by the Power of Meditation.  School day extended by 30 minutes for 2 periods of meditation resulted in better academic performance and a 75 percent decrease in suspensions.  Important life skill learned.  So when will it, like silent periods for prayer,  be banned?

Government bans sprinkles on ice cream.   Next on the list, Christmas lights

Ship of Light in Amsterdam, A 3D Ship Projected onto Curtains of Water
 3D Light Ship P

Photo © Janus van den Eijnden

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