May 27, 2015

Miscellany 14

A lovely new stamp for Flannery O'Connor  whose Habit of Being is the greatest collection of letters I have ever read.

“All human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful.”


How the Little Free Library project launched a global trend.  Tiny Libraries

Tiny libraries in converted phone booths, purpose-built kiosks, experimental art installations, quirky handmade boxes—and even one refrigerator—are springing up on street corners around the world at a rapid rate. These miniature lending libraries lead the communal book revolution, bringing reading material to the masses at a level that far exceeds their size.

Fashion Inspired By Nature: Russian Artist Compares Famous Dresses And Landscapes


Travel advice Russians are given before traveling to the U.S.>

7.When invited on a picnic  - ""As a rule, the invitation will be only on a weekend, and you don’t have to prepare for something extravagant. Everything is the same as ours, only with far less booze. Bring something sporty—ball, badminton, Americans are certainly fervent fans of these things.” "
17. Don't call people ugly. "At the table is better to avoid talking about politics and religion, as the United States is a country of Puritan values. In the straight-line American culture there is a taboo forbidding calling out the physical defects of another person. This is probably due to the constant desire of Americans to always be in great shape and look young."

What's on the other side of the ocean?

 The-Other-Side-Of-The-Ocean Click to enlarge.  It's Spain and Japan where I am.

Cows on the Beach in South Africa

Nguni cattle take daily walks untended to the beach in the sweltering afternoons. The locals believe the cows like the salty water because it helps keep away the parasites; plus, they seem to like cooling their heels. But all that beef on the beach isn’t a new phenomenon: apparently, shipwrecked sailors first talked about these cow-dotted beaches back in the 16th century.

This video is eerie and mesmerizing.  Watch Art of Ancient Greek Vases Come to Life with 21st Century Animation

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