August 5, 2015

Miscellany 16

100 years of plastic surgery

Plastic surgery celebrates its 100th birthday this year. We examine how a medical procedure to treat soldiers in the trenches ended up being used to augment 50,000 Brazilians' buttocks.

“Today, nearly one out of every five dollars spent on cookies is spent on an Oreo.”

Since 2005, Oreo sales have grown by more than 60 percent, which is easily the largest increase among any of the top cookie brands sold in the United States. For context, consider that cookie sales market-wide rose by only 10 percent over that period, or that more than 7o percent of that growth is directly attributable to increased demand for Oreos.

How Milk Became a Staple

Cheese and butter go back a long way as methods of preserving milk. But fresh milk was considered baby food, or a boost for growing children, through most of history. Only about a hundred years ago did milk drinking become common among adults. That was because of the convergence of several trends around the beginning of the 20th century. First, the milk trade became regulated and safer (see our previous articles on that development). Then there was the craze for healing through nutrition, which led to the development of cereals, served with milk. And there was the Temperance movement, with groups trying to get men to drink anything besides alcohol.

Does adding pasta water to the sauce really make a difference?   Yes.  The starch in the water acts to emulsify the sauce

See, the thing is, pasta (the dish) isn't just about the pasta (the starch), and it's not just about the sauce either. It's about the marriage of the two. And like all marriages, there are some secrets to getting the union to work.

Good Morning! Breakfasts Around the 16 Countries of Eastern Europe

Bear Clears Out Bakery
The beast guzzled 24 cherry and 14 apple pies, but left the strawberry-and-rhubarb creations untouched in the raid.

Rod Dreher visits Lyon and discovers Deep France and the best food he's ever eaten

Amazing, amazing story Musicked Down the Mountain: How Oliver Sacks Saved His Own Life by Literature and Song in Brainpickings.

The best hotel in the world

According to TripAdvisor the best hotel in the world is Gili Lankanfushi in the Maldives, on a tiny coral island in a sparkling lagoon, with jetties stretching across the crystal water out to each of the 45 overwater villas. The hotel operates a 'no news, no shoes' policy, so visitors have no choice but to enjoy the uninterrupted ocean views, private butler service and robes.
The water villas float on a lagoon surrounding a tiny coral island in the Maldives, with each villa individually designed using traditional, sustainable materials and methods.  The thick beams of wood in the huts are built from sustainable materials such as plantation teak and re-cycled telegraph poles, and seek to blend rustic charm with modern comfort.
Each thatched villa includes a sundeck, a roof terrace and a stunning bathroom with separate private shower that overlooks the lagoon.

 Best Hotel Maldives
 Best Hotel Maldives2

The great outdoors, indoors: Artist spends 35 years using natural materials to create 'hobbit house' which has been put up for sale with a $149,000 price tag

Lauri Svedberg spent more than three decades transforming her house in Minnesota into a shrine to nature. Her home became a giant canvas which she painstakingly transformed using nothing but natural materials and a glue gun. Minerals, rock and glass were pieced together to create giant mosaics covering entire walls and floors inside the unusual abode.

-Outdoor Feel Lauri Svedberg

 The Forest Scape House Laura Svedberg

 Kitchen Laura Svedberg
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