December 11, 2015

Miscellany 25

The Astounding Truth About the Hubble Space Telescope's Most Famous Image

 Hubble Ultra-Deep Field

That image -- seen above -- is the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field. The specks of color and light you see are not stars; they are galaxies -- 10,000 of them in fact! It is the deepest image of the sky over obtained, gazing back approximately 13 billion years...."The image is only one-forty millionth of the sky. In other words, it would take 40 million Hubble Ultra-Deep Fields to cover the entire sky,

Great headlines.  He shoots… he snores! Chinese football commentator is fired after falling asleep during live coverage of a Champions League match.  Bud Weisser arrested at Budweiser brewery.  Nineteen-year-old Bud Weisser was cited for trespassing and resisting arrest.

Austrian Artist Reinvents Door With Innovative 4 Folding Triangle Design and 2 gifs show you how it opens and closes.

Rocky was the movie the studio DIDN'T want you to see

Studio bosses tried to stop hit because 'who would pay for an unknown guy who has a rough life as a fighter and an ugly duckling girl?'....Winkler had to use contract loophole to get it made on budget so small the cast and crew shared one trailer (and one toilet)

Take the Inca trail... as Google Street View launches tour of Peru's Machu Picchu

Backpack-sized Street View cameras - which record 360 degree images of surroundings - were used to create the online feature, which allows people to explore temples, terraces and plazas built in 1438.

 Macchu Piccu

Beehive Fences in East Africa Protect Farms from Elephants

It turns out elephants are terrified of bees because when the insects sting the inside of their trunks the pain is excruciating and there’s little they can do about it. The sound of buzzing alone is enough to make elephants leave an area immediately. King wondered what might happen if a string of suspended beehives at every 10 meters around a field might be enough to keep elephants away. A pilot program in 2009 proved widely successful and soon The Elephant and Bees Project was born.

There are now active beehive fences in Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Sri Lanka. Not only do the fences help pollinate crops and safely deter elephants, they also become an additional revenue stream for farmers who harvest honey and sell it locally, a fascinating example of interspecies landscape engineering.

Hobbit Houses.  Now in modules that can be assembled in 3 days

Green Magic Homes... makes prefabricated houses that are meant to be covered with soil. The homes are easy to assemble, and you can easily plant grass – – or even vegetables if you like. The turf keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter. GMH are built from modules and come in several sizes. The smallest one room module can be assembled in three days; a large one would take about a week! The material used is fiber reinforced polymer, and is supposed to last two hobbit lifetimes or several human ones… as long as you have assembled it right.

C.S. Lewis Was a Secret Government Agent.

In 1940 the Germans invaded Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and France.  The British did the next best thing they could do to help Denmark and the rest of Europe: They launched a surprise invasion of Iceland, which was part of the Kingdom of Denmark. ...Thanks to the British invasion, Iceland provided the ideal base for seaplanes to search for the German naval vessels that prowled the Atlantic sinking the merchant fleet with its crucial supplies....Holding Iceland depended upon the goodwill of the people of Iceland who never had asked to be invaded by the British. If Britain retained Icelandic goodwill, then Churchill could occupy the island with reserve troops rather than his best fighting forces.

This was the strategic situation in which C. S. Lewis was recruited. And his mission was simple: To help win the hearts of the Icelandic people.

Out of this world? Stunning aerial shots of America's West Coast look like they could be of the moon or Mars

 Grand Prismatic Spring
Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone

These incredible pictures could easily be a gallery of snapshots from a satellite touring the solar system.
But the stunning photos are actually images of America's West Coast taken from the sky by Jassen Todorov, a professor with a passion for flying. "'Taking these photographs is a hobby of mine, because I work at a university teaching the violin and giving concerts for a living.  I earned my pilot's license while I was studying for a PhD in music and for a while was content to capture the perspectives purely for my eyes only."

The memory of a river


If you measure the contours of a river valley with Lidar (like radar with lasers), you get a beautiful map of all the historical river channels. The image above was taken from a poster of the historical channels of the Willamette River..

A Brief History of Snow Globes

....In 1927, a Pittsburgh man named Joseph Garaja filed his application for a patent for a liquid-filled novelty paperweight that improved upon previous designs; the design he presented and later sold was a fish floating in sea grass. But it wasn't Garaja’s under-the-sea theme that impressed the industry. His real contribution to snow globe manufacturing was in pioneering the now-obvious method of assembling the globes underwater to ensure they were entirely filled. This, David Bear wrote for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2000, “revolutionized” the snow globe industry: “They went from being expensive mementos individually crafted by skilled artisans to items that could be cheaply mass-produced and sold.”


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