January 9, 2016

Miscellany 28

The scientific breakthroughs discovered by ACCIDENT: The treadmill, anesthesia, artificial sweeteners, X-Rays, penicillin, warfarin, pacemaker, smoke detector, breathable shoes, Viagra and smart dust.

National Geographic marks 100 years of national parks

 Ng Yosemite-1

Thousands of reindeer cross Scandinavia for annual two-month migration from Norway to Finland herded by Sami, the indigenous people of Scandanavia who live in the Arctic parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, in an area recognized as Sapmi.

Photographer Jan Helmer Olsen used a drone to film the migration in temperatures reaching minus 15 degrees, "My footage felt very special as nobody ever manages to see how the herd moves as one body from the air. It's watching a huge flock of birds in flight."

 Sami Herd Reindeer Migration-1

In the Art and Design section of The New York Times, is a wonderful piece Dear Architects: Sounds Matter that you should read with headphones to get the effect of three-dimensional audio.  Otherwise, just hover for sound.

We talk about how cities and buildings look. We call places landmarks or eyesores. But we rarely talk about how architecture sounds, aside from when a building or room is noisy.The spaces we design and inhabit all have distinctive sounds. The reading rooms at the New York Public Library have an overlay of rich sound. Your office may be a big room in a glass building with rows of cubicles where people stare into computer screens.

Much more fun than a scratch-off lottery ticket - just keep moving your mouse over the dots.

A VW Beetle Spotted in the Insect Collection at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

 Vwbeetle Insect

The Golden Ratio: When Life Imitates Art.

 Creation Of Mancheter

I have to say I couldn't really understand all that was going on until I saw it full size, 1600 pixels wide at the link.
The man still holding his beer in his outstretched hand, Mike Deveney, when asked about the picture being seen by millions of people across the world, he said: 'I'm not really bothered about the photo, I just felt a bit daft. I heard about it about two days later.'  The woman in the red dress Hannah Kirby said that Mike had been knocked over during a scuffle involving police and another reveller......After the photograph's composition was compared to a Renaissance painting, social media users soon turned it into a series of hilarious memes, with one internet wag inspired to photoshop the blue-shirted man into Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam.

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