January 22, 2016

Miscellany 30

That time President George H. W. Bush Escaped Cannibals

With eight of his comrades left to the fate of a nightmare island, the future president escaped a similar end because he bailed out of his plane further from the island’s shores than the other crews, and despite a bleeding head injury, managed to climb on to an inflated raft. His co-pilot’s parachute did not open. Japanese boats set out to capture Bush but several American fighter planes circled protectively overhead, driving them back with heavy fire. Bleeding, vomiting and weeping with fear, George H. W. Bush’s ordeal went on for many hours until the giant black hull of the USS Finback submarine suddenly surfaced right in front of his raft. Having escaped just the clutches of death, he said to his rescuers, “Happy to be aboard”.

New Portraits of Fashionably Dressed Wildlife and Floral Bouquets by Miguel Vallinas


Why 'invisible effects' are Hollywood's best kept secret

Car manufacturers got in on it a long time ago. Virtual vehicles are easier to light and keep clean, and don’t reflect camera crews, which is why most car ads haven’t featured real cars for years.

Anatomy of a Song: The Story Behind ‘Runaround Sue’ which you can hear Dion sing on YouTube

Dion DiMucci recalls how a basement party in the Bronx in 1960 inspired ‘Runaround Sue’ .

I then came up with background vocal harmony parts and had everyone sing them over and over. It went like this [Dion sings]: “Hape-hape, bum-da hey-di hey-di hape-hape.” With this going on, I made up a melody and lyrics about Ellen. People were dancing, drinking beer and having fun.  When I left the party that night, I couldn’t let go of that riff and melody.

Pleasure is good: How French children acquire a taste for life

In France, pleasure, or “plaisir,” is not a dirty word. It’s not considered hedonistic to pursue pleasure. Perhaps a better translation of the word is “enjoyment” or even “delight.” Pleasure, in fact, takes the weight of a moral value, because according to the French, pleasure serves as a compass guiding people in their actions. And parents begin teaching their children from very early childhood in a process called the education of taste, or “l’éducation du gout.”
One of the most surprising things that French mothers shared with me in my research was their belief that stimulating children’s appetites for a wide variety of life’s pleasures can actually deter them from becoming addicted to drugs!

The Mysterious Link Between Autism and Extraordinary Abilities

This Is What 17 Different Foods Look like Growing in Their Natural Habitats


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