February 3, 2016

Miscellany 32

Here's what fruits and vegetables looked like before we domesticated them

-Modern Domesticated Vegs

Hair Dyeing Interpretations of Famous Works of Art

 Hair Dyeing-Vangogh

The 'electric road' that never freezes over: Researchers reveal smart concrete that can conduct small amounts of power

By changing less than one-quarter of the makeup of standard concrete, a researcher from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has developed a way to melt ice and snow from the ground up.The seemingly ordinary concrete can conduct enough electricity to clear pathways and even create shields against industrial espionage, but is safe to the touch.

How the Dutch defeated the Spanish invasion in the Eighty Years' War …with ice skates!

The first test of that theory came shortly afterward when the ragtag Dutch fleet was frozen into the Amsterdam harbor, making the Dutch unable to confront the Spanish ships head-on. Taking that advantage, Spanish troops began marching across the ice to attack the ships first, and then they planned to head to the coastline on foot.

But as they marched gingerly across the frozen ice, they were confronted by a horrifying apparition. Wave after wave of Dutch soldiers flew across the surface of the ice with incredible speed, flitting into range just long enough to fire a musket before retreating again behind walls of ice and frozen snow. The Spanish soldiers had never seen anything like it: “It was a thing never heard of before today,” the Spanish Duke of Alva recounted with grudging admiration, “to see a body of musketeers fighting like that on a frozen sea.

23 Delicious Mad Men Era Dishes America Shouldn’t Have Given Up On.  Beef Wellington for sure. Chicken Kiev, Waldorf Salad, Apple Cake, Chicken a la King

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