February 20, 2016

Miscellany 33

The sun you've never seen before until you watch Our Sun is a Rolling Ball of Magnetism

Best dog picture in a while: Cornered.

 Dog Cornered Fark

The 38 most amazing vulgar slang terms from colonial times.  Funny and useful.

Technicolor taxis in India with Interiors created by Mumbai-based art collective Taxi Fabric.

 Taxifabric Cabs India

People started shouting Geronimo when they jumped out of planes to demonstrate their bravery.

The Army’s first official parachute unit, the 501st Parachute Infantry Battalion, made “Geronimo” the motto on their unit insignia after their commander tracked down descendants of the real Geronimo to ask for their permission to use his name.

U.S. Army Develops Pizza That Can Last For Three Years

More from Tatsuya Tanaka's miniature photo project.

 Tatsuyatanaka Earth

 Tatsuyatanaka Carrot Firewood

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