March 5, 2016

Miscellany 35

Chemists at Oregon State University discover a brilliant new blue pigment - "YinMn" by happy accident

 New Blue Pigment

Formed by a unique crystal structure that allows the manganese ions to absorb red and green wavelengths of light, while only reflecting blue,  the vibrant blue is so durable, and its compounds are so stable – even in oil and water – that the color does not fade.  Nor is it toxic.
"During the Renaissance, vivid blue ultramarine pigments, often used for painting the Virgin Mary’s cloak, were worth five times their weight in gold," writes Virginia Postrel, " In 1704, another accidental chemical discovery, of what became known as Prussian blue, made less expensive synthetic true blues available

Brahms Lullaby, the beautiful and most effective lullaby in the world as you can see in this wonderful clip.

I love Stephen McMennamy's photo mash-ups.

 Stephen-Mcmennamy-Cauliflower Poodle

 Stephen-Mcmennamy-Lightbulb Egg

Daughter of Civil War vet still getting a pension 

Private Mose Triplett was 19 when the Civil War ended in 1865. Later in life, he married a woman 50 years younger than him and, in 1930, they had a daughter Irene. Irene Triplett is now in her mid-eighties and gets a monthly benefit check from US Department of Veterans Affairs for her father's service so many years before.

New Spray Painted Tile Floor Patterns in Abandoned Spaces Apart from Banksy, Javier De Rib is the only graffiti artist I like. 

 Riba Floor-2

A peacock in flight

 Flying Peacock

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