March 26, 2016

Miscellany 37

The Clothes Horse

At the annual Cheltenham Festival in Gloucestershire, the handsome Irish chestnut gelding, Morestead, who will be 11 in two weeks, struttin' in his tweed ensemble. And his friend, 20-time champion and former jockey, Sir Anthony McCoy in matching style. The dapper suit is a first of its kind, took 4 weeks and it took Emma Sandham-King more than 59 ft of tweed to make.


I've waited my whole life for this moment.

Of Mouse and Men

Nearing his 90th year, Mickey has not only outlived his adversaries, he has conquered them. Emerson famously advised his readers that if they built a better mousetrap, people would beat a path to their doors. Walt Disney wisely ignored his advice. Instead of a better trap, he built a better mouse, and the world paved a superhighway to his property.

Pigeons wearing tiny backpacks tweet about air pollution

Equipped with little backpack sensors, a group of London pigeons are flying around the city measuring and live-tweeting air pollution levels.

In Search of Ambergris  A highly prized slurry of squid beaks and whale feces also known as the secret ingredient in Chanel No. 5.

Enchanting Storybook GIFs Animated by artist known as ‘Sparrows’

Each storybook animation features some form of magical realism where pelicans play scrabble, tattoos bloom from skin, or breakfasts appear to cook themselves. Sparrows tells us that she works professionally as an illustrator, but these brief standalone pieces are just ideas she wants to exist outside of her head.

Longreads.  Loving Books in a Dark Age

In the “dark ages” of Europe, people began reading silently to themselves, and a love of books and learning took hold, pioneered by Bede.

The people of Bhutan celebrate the birth of the king and queen's first son by planting 108,000 trees across the nation


In Buddhism, trees are symbols of longevity, health, beauty and compassion. The number of saplings was also symbolic, as Buddhists believe each person is required to overcome 108 defilements in order to achieve enlightenment.
"We are now nurturing the plants as if we are nurturing the little prince."

 Bhutenese Plant 108,000 Trees

The incredible true story of Colonel Sanders: How the bad-tempered creator of KFC once SHOT a business rival and served dinner to scientists while they worked on the Hiroshima bomb.

The Monarch butterfly population is skyrocketing in the forests of Mexico where the butterflies spend their winters, a new survey has found.
The increase in the butterflies was absolutely massive: there were three and a half times more of them this winter compared to last winter, and the vibrant orange and black creatures blanketed 10 acres of forest, according to a CBS News report.

Why the song "Danny Boy" is so popular

“Songs like 'Danny Boy' that last 100 years are rare. They appear simple, but are beautifully complicated. You need a bunch of keys to unlock the mysteries of 'Danny Boy,' but I believe one of its most essential elements is its emotional dialectic – loss and hope, joy and pain, sunshine and shadow – and these lie at the very center of all our lives.”
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