April 10, 2016

Miscellany 39

Good sea-dog! Meet Lila the Labrador who catches LOBSTERS for her owner
Alex Schulze has trained Lila the Labrador to dive and catch lobsters.  All he has to do is point in direction of lobster, and Lila does rest

 Lila The Labrador Lobster Catch

The inventors of Bubblewrap thought of it as a new type of wallpaper, but when they were left with tons of inventory....

Castaways Rescued After Spelling 'Help' with palm fronds. Navy plane spotted men on remote Pacific island.  The men, who also waved orange life jackets to attract the plane's attention, had been stranded for three days after their boat capsized, forcing them to swim all night to the island.

 Rescue After Help In Palm Fronds

Seal Crosses The Road Every Day To Visit Seafood Restaurant. Video at link.

 Seal Shimmeys Seafood Restaurant

Street Artist Installs Secret Rooms Under Abandoned Manholes In Milan  That's where Italian artist Biancoshock has been busy converting the spaces below manholes and the other metal shutter doors you sometimes see in the middle of the sidewalks, into little secret rooms.

 Secret Rooms Under-Manhole Milan

The Discovery of the Skull of the Long-Rumored Siberian Unicorn Stuns Scientists

 Siberian Unicorn

When Given Colored Construction Paper, Wasps Build Rainbow Colored Nests

 Wasp Colored Nest

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