April 16, 2016

Miscellany 40

Salmon Caught Near Seattle Are Full Of Cocaine And Antidepressants. 

Water samples from Puget Sound showed high levels of Prozac, bug spray, cocaine, Zantac, ibuprofen and 77 other drugs. These drugs littered not only the water but also the tissue of juvenile chinook salmon.


12 GIFs That Will Make You Say 'So That's How They Make That'

From canning beer, making braided wire, industrial bacon slicer, making Crayola crayons and my personal favorite, harvesting carrots.

8 of the world’s most bizarre flowers

All of them orchids with names like swaddled babies, flying duck orchid, hooker's lips orchid, ballerina orchid, monkey orchid, naked man orchid, laughing bumblebee orchid and white egret orchid

 Swaddled-Babies Orchid
Swaddled babies orchid

How an internet mapping glitch turned a random Kansas farm into a digital hell

The default location for 600 million IP addresses just happens to be the front yard of Joyce Taylor’s farm...For the last decade, Taylor and her renters have been visited by all kinds of mysterious trouble. They’ve been accused of being identity thieves, spammers, scammers and fraudsters. They’ve gotten visited by FBI agents, federal marshals, IRS collectors, ambulances searching for suicidal veterans, and police officers searching for runaway children. They’ve found people scrounging around in their barn. The renters have been doxxed, their names and addresses posted on the internet by vigilantes. Once, someone left a broken toilet in the driveway as a strange, indefinite threat.  All in all, the residents of the Taylor property have been treated like criminals for a decade. And until I called them this week, they had no idea why.

The Story Behind Those Jaw-Dropping Photos of the Collections at the Natural History Museum

 Bird Collection Smithsonian

That's feather identification expert Roxie Laybourne surrounded by colorful birds.  Photographer Chip Clark took roughly 8 hours to set it up.
Carol Butler, the assistant director of the museum’s collections, said "These images come from a motivation to show people, in a beautiful and interesting way, a view into the richness of the collections. These are America's collections—so we want to give people a view into the collections even though we can't invite every single person to walk through the storage areas."

Scientists Successfully Breed Kale with Cannabis. 

The new cross, called Kaleabis, would be available as a superfood juice shot in Oregon dispensaries this summer.

'You're bald. Your nose is really big. We hope your private parts are as big':

 Kate Shocked

The Duchess of Cambridge, 34, was left stunned today when she discovered the very rude translation of a song cheerleaders were chanting during an archery contest in Bhutan.  Traditionally in Bhutan, men sing songs to celebrate hitting the target and are cheered on by women supporters who sing songs of support for their own men, and obscene chants to try to distract their rivals.  And it turned out that at today's contest, the female cheerleaders were chanting: 'You're bald. You're a baldy. Your nose is really big. We hope your private parts are as big.'

Nut thieves. International crime gangs are posing as truckers to steal shipments of California almonds and pistachios worth MILLIONS

International crime rings targeting California's booming agriculture industry are increasingly stealing truckloads of high-value nuts, prompting authorities and the firms falling victim to ramp up efforts to break the spree costing millions.  The sophisticated organizations in many cases use high-tech tactics, hacking into trucking companies to steal their identity. Armed with false shipping papers, they pose as legitimate truckers, driving off with loads of nuts such as almonds, walnuts or pistachios valued at $150,000, and some worth $500,000 each.

This is NOT the Eye of Sauron,  but a NASA composite image of a solar eclipse

 Nasa Composite Solar Corona

9 Things you never knew about PENCILS

Yellow pencils have been a tradition since the late 1800s, when the best graphite in the world was produced in China. Western pencil tycoons wanted their customers to know their pencils were filled with top-quality lead, so they painted their instruments in the color associated with Chinese royalty:

Czech Republic to be renamed Czechia to make it sound catchier

The country that gave the world Kafka, sugar cubes and Pilsner Urquell beer is to get a rebrand.  Officials at the Czech Republic's foreign ministry believe a new name - Czechia - is more practical and flexible when referring to the state.  Unlike most European countries, the Czech Republic has lacked a one-word version of its name in foreign languages.  Neighboring Slovakia is officially the Slovak Republic and similarly the Russian Federation is shortened to Russia in everyday conversation.  President Miloš Zeman regularly uses the name to refer to his country and said on a trip to Israel in 2013: 'I use "Czechia" because it sounds nicer and it’s shorter than the cold "Czech Republic".'...Not everyone is happy with the plans though, critics have said the new name could be confused with the Russian republic of Chechnya - almost 2,000 miles to the east.

French family stumbles on long lost €120m Caravaggio while mending leaky roof

The exceptionally well-preserved tableau had remained hidden in the attic of their home outside Toulouse, southwestern France, untouched for more than 150 years since an ancestor brought it back to France from his campaigns abroad as an officer of Napoleon’s army. Experts have already dubbed the incredible find a “momentous occasion” in European art history and the “most important painting by far” to have emerged by one of the great masters in modern times.

 Lost Carravagio French Attice
Judith Beheading Holofernes

UK couple find $70,000 lump of 'whale vomit' on beach 

Otherwise known as ambergris which perfumers use to make scent last longer.  ""It smells too bad, though. It's a very distinctive smell, like a cross between squid and farmyard manure."
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