May 7, 2016

Miscellany 41

I began listening to nature sounds in the 80s and often still do when I am writing.  But I never knew about  The Man Who Recorded, Tamed and Then Sold Nature Sounds to America

A forgotten 1970s-era hippie polymath named Irv Teibel created the "soothing" vibe of the great outdoors....New York's least likely media mogul was the mastermind behind Environments, a series of records he swore were "The Future of Music." From 1969 to 1979, he took the best parts of nature, turned them up to 11, engraved them on 12-inch records, and sold them back to us by the millions. He had a musician's ear, an artist's heart, and a salesman's tongue....

Between 1969 and 1979, Teibel released 11 environments LPs. Most sold well, though none approached the success of "The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore," which moved enough units that he never had to work again. His records couldn’t go out of style, Teibel figured, because they were never in style in the first place. They were functional items—“like a bar of soap,” he said.
Teibel's cultural reputation is quietly growing alongside his scientific one, thanks to historians and music buffs like Jonathan Een Newton. ....It is, in his eyes, a major one. Teibel is a kind of auditory missing link. "Before, there’s Muzak, there’s mood music, and there’s sound effects records. Afterwards, there’s new age music, ambient music, Brian Eno... and he’s right in between," Een Newton says. "He's a forgotten godfather."

Why Do We Forget What We’re Doing the Minute We Enter a Room?

It’s called the Doorway Effect, and it’s actually a sign that your brain is in fine working order.

Four generations of royals

On the occasion of her 90th, some spectacular photographic portraits of Queen Elizabeth the royal family have been released.   Queen+3 Generations

My favorite by Ranald MacKechnie was planned as a stamp sheet


Meet the woman who makes fake fingers for Japan's reformed gangsters

Yukako Fukushima crafts lifelike pinkies to help yakuza criminals who severed fingers as a mark of contrition begin a new life

Mesmerizing Gifs Capture The Changes Of Old Age

They are animated to show a clean transition between youth and old age, in which the young and old images of the pictured individuals are superimposed onto each other. They are an excellent way of highlighting what changes in us as we grow older – some facial features remain recognizable and similar, while others change drastically.

Signs of the Times Shepherd Charges Phone Using A Donkey and A Solar Panel


Two remarkable examples of what the human spirit can achieve:  Handless 7-Year-Old Wins National Handwriting Competition

 Anaya Ellick 7 Wins Handwriting Competition
And Russian teenager born with no fingers becomes celebrated piano player
Alexey Romanov first took up music two years ago after being inspired by the works of Mozart and Vivaldi.  In the short time since he has performed for the republic’s orchestra and has found fame on national TV.

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