July 27, 2016


The Smithsonian is Hiring a Beer Historian
The Smithsonian National Museum of American History is hiring a beer historian/scholar for a three-year appointment. Curator Paula Johnson explains that the gig is a new position funded by the Brewers Association and that the museum is seeking someone who can "focus and dedicate efforts towards research, documentation, and collecting American brewing history.....with special emphasis on the craft industry

The Rarest Plant in Britain Makes a Ghostly Appearance - The Ghost Orchid
Decades go by, and people are prowling the woods, eyes down, hunting for it—crawling, searching, losing hope, and then, all of a sudden, there it is again! In a totally unexpected spot, far from the last sighting, hiding in the dark, barely as tall as your thumb, leafless, probably the rarest plant in Great Britain. It's known as the ghost orchid, and when it shows up, people go nuts.

 Ghost Orchid

What makes mosquitoes so good at getting under our skin?
Mosquitoes kill more than a million people every year  by transmitting diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, making the insects the animal kingdom’s most prolific killer of humans by a wide margin  A short video offers a close-up of how female mosquitoes use a sophisticated set of evolutionary tools – essentially, six ultra-sharp needles – to pierce our skin and suck our blood. 

35 Photos You Won’t Believe Were Taken In New York City


34 First Lines of Famous Books

 34 First Lines Famous-Books

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